Employability Tips

New Year, New Network

As we enter the new year talk inevitably turns to resolutions and making steps to “better ourselves” in the year ahead. With around 80% of us failing to achieve our resolutions every year, stand out from the crowd and stick to a resolution that will benefit your career in 2015 and beyond – take a risk and build your network.
People often fear “Networking” at all stages of their career but it doesn’t have to be scary – you’re probably already doing it! Taking a risk by putting yourself out of your comfort zone can be as simple as doing something rather than nothing.
Taking risks and creating opportunities to meet new people inevitably opens up doors and you never know where this might take you. Building social, professional and educational links now may well benefit you in your future career. Your new contacts could know people of interest to you and you can learn from each other. Networking with people from different backgrounds, with varying skills and experiences from you is part of everyday life in the working world; your time at university is the ideal opportunity to learn how to make the most of these situations.

So, how can you kick-start your networking in 2015?

• Use social media – Social media, particularly LinkedIn and Twitter, are increasingly being used as effective networking platforms allowing job hunters to create a digital profile and engage with potential employers.
• Join a club or society – Make new contacts and learn transferable skills whilst having fun, and join an MMU club or society. The Union and MMU Sport offer plenty of opportunities to get involved.
• Attend an employer networking event – Careers & Employability welcome organisations onto campus throughout the year to give you the opportunity to meet potential employers face to face and find out more about their openings.
• Find a part time job – We advertise part time jobs both on and off campus on our website. This is a great way to earn extra money, enhance your employability and meet new people whilst studying.

Careers organise a range of employer networking events for students and graduates, as well as workshops to equip you with the skills to use social media in your job hunt. You can find a full list of our events and guides on our website http://www.mmu.ac.uk/careers/events.
Or speak to a member of our team for more information.
Recognise your opportunities in 2015 and make a difference to your future career!
Careers & Employability Service
0161 247 3483


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