Why don’t young people vote?

pollingThe Department of Sociology at MMU have teamed up with Manchester Young Lives to bring to you a thought provoking event to explore and discuss why young people should (or should not, if you’re Russell Brand) vote in the upcoming General Election in May this year. Which political party truly represents young people today? Are politicians out of touch with the next generation? Can we trust politicians?

Local young people will host the event and you will be able to raise issues that concern you. There will an opportunity to hear from and question representatives from different political parties. The session will run for 45 minutes and take a ‘question time’ format.

According to Eurobarometer, just 38% of Brits under the age of 25 have voted in any election in the last four years and just 39% consider voting a ‘civic duty’. On the other hand, you have 80% of over 65’s thinking the opposite. The 2010 election saw a 51.8% turnout with under 25’s as the Liberal Democrats promised not to raise tuition fees, almost the highest young peoples turnout since 1992 (54%), and so the 2015 election is set to see yet another plummet in under 25’s turnout.

Elections2015LogoSo as the Lib Dems plummet to their worst polling position in decades at about 7%, the Green Party have shot up to be hovering around the same as the LD’s. Perhaps the new party of the young people? UKIP have been floating around the 14% mark all year, and the Tories and Labour have been battling it out in the mid 30’s since late last year. So, with no clear front runner, this years election is surely going to be the closest and possibly the most important in a long time.


If you’d like to attend the discussion on why don’t young people vote, you can register for the event here. Attending this event will be rewarded with 1 bronze point towards the MMU Futures Award, so remember to register! The ‘question time’ style discussion will be held in Geoffrey Manton at 4:30-7:00pm, Friday 27th March.

By Daniel Broadley


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