Student Profile: Thomas Robertson


Name: Thomas Robertson

Course: MChem (Hons) Chemistry

Did you complete any of the advanced skills workshops in your subject area?

Troubleshooting Analytical Instruments: This workshop was, apart from an interesting insight into how the mechanisms of the machines I have been using in my course work, brilliant for employment prospects. The technical staff were very helpful and described common issues and how to resolve them in a variety of instruments – the sort of thing that gives you an edge in interviews and potential future jobs.

Which workshops/events would you recommend?

I would highly recommend every Futures activity however in particular would encourage people to find weaker areas on their CVs and try to attend workshops in that area. Also to try something new – so much is on offer it can be really interesting to step outside your usual academic environment and try something new.

Has the Futures programme given you the confidence to try something that you may not have done before?

Futures has helped and guided me to having more confidence in myself in unfamiliar environments and learning to express myself; be that as part of a presentation, working in a group or debating an idea with a course mate.

Do you think that your confidence has grown by taking part in the Futures Award?

Yes – I have attained the full award over the course of my degree and Futures has helped me all the way with confidence.

What do you think the benefits of taking part in the programme are for students from the Faculty of Science and Engineering?

Science and Engineering specific activities give a deeper and more specific look at subject areas or give an insight into a different area of science that you wouldn’t usually study. This can be really interesting – sometimes inspiring new approaches to work in your own field.

Can you summarise Futures in one word or sentence?


Interested in the Futures Award? Find out more here!


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