Student Profile: Shalom Ogazi

Name: Shalom Ogazi

Course: MSc Educational Leadership and Management

Why did you decide to take part in the Futures programme?

I decided to take part in the Futures Award programme because I simply wanted to win a prize (the actual award). However, I also enjoyed acquiring skills along the way.

Has the Futures Award programme given you the confidence to try something that you may not have done before?

My confidence in meeting new people and airing my own views in a class has soared since I joined the programme.

Would you recommend the Futures Award to current students?

I definitely recommend the programme to current students and my advice would be to start early and GO FOR IT! Your life will be richer in every way and the skills you gain will help to broaden your horizons.

Has the Futures Award programme helped you to prepare for your future career?

The Futures Award programme has helped to prepare me for my future career in many ways. By sharing my ideas of the school I want to build in my home country, Nigeria after my degree with others, I get them polished and refined and I even met people who want to connect and partner with me. It’s been such a blessing!

Can you summarise Futures in one word or sentence?

Futures: Start here, go anywhere!

Interested in the Futures Award? Find out more here!


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