Silver Career Workshops in February!

Careers workshops

Are you aiming to get your Silver MMU Futures Award this year? If so, read on!

In order to earn your Silver Award, you will collect 50 silver points from volunteering roles, SU roles, peer mentoring and many other activities, and finally, you must attend several Careers and Employability workshops.

In February, all four of these compulsory workshops are running which gives you the perfect opportunity to secure your place and be one step closer to getting that award!

The four main workshops you need to attend are:

  • Team Work Essentials (3 February)
  • Communication and Influencing Essentials (10 February)
  • Leadership Essentials (17 February)
  • Networking (8 February)

To book your place on any of these workshops then visit the Careers website here!

Need some help on how to earn your 50 silver points? Contact us today at or check out our volunteering section of our blog here!

Keep up-to-date with the latest MMU Futures activities by following us on Twitter or liking our Facebook page!

Here are the Crewe Spring Term Workshops




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