About the MMU Futures Award

Group Awards

Why take part?

Stand out from the crowd and show employers that you take your future in your own hands through the MMU Futures Award. University is about so much more than just your degree so why not make the most of it through our FREE programme! Gain recognition for all of the extra-curricular activities you do which will look great on your CV too. When you attend an MMU Futures activity you will automatically be credited with relevant points towards an award.

It’s so easy to get started! Click here to see our upcoming events and sign up today!

How does it work?

To achieve a Bronze Award, you must collect 50 bronze points. These points are collected by attending workshops and events, which aim to enhance your skills. One hour of an activity equates to one bronze point. You need to have 50 bronze points as well as completing the following workshops before you will be accredited with the Bronze Award:

Silver points are collected through voluntary work, Student Union roles and peer mentoring. A student must collect 50 silver points and complete the following workshops:

  • Team Work Essentials (Work Ready)
  • Communication and Influencing Essentials (Work Ready)
  • Leadership Essentials (Work Ready)
  • Networking

In order to achieve the Gold Award, students must complete the following tasks:

  • Produce a reflective account evaluating your skills and experience
  • Give a presentation at a panel interview or pitch with an employer
  • Have your CV checked by the Careers and Employability Services
  • Complete the following workshops:

Presentations; from Terrified to Confident

Successful Interviews: Get that Job!

Amazing Applications: Net that Job!

There is also an opportunity for students to claim a Global Award this year. This follows the same process mentioned above with the following amendments:

  • 20 of the Bronze points must come from learning a language
  • 50 Silver points must come from a volunteering role which has an international or global element to it
  • Complete an online enquiry on the issues of global citizenship

Interested? Then click here to register for the Award!


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