Graduate journeys

Graduate Journeys is a new initiative by MMU Futures to provide students with a series of interesting and stimulating talks from recent graduates about the different paths and journeys they have taken since graduation. Here are the first two sessions that you can attend:

Charlie Boydell-Smith (Havas People) – 16 March

Charlie Boydell-Smith graduated from MMU in 2013 with a degree in Geography, and now works at Havas People, part of the Havas Group who are one of the world’s largest advertising and communication networks.

Having graduated less than 3 years ago, Charlie is a Project Manager at Havas, and is responsible for all the marketing and communications content and materials published across their Education and Public Sector channels. He has previously worked with the Co-operative Group, and has volunteered with the British Exploring Society in Oman and as a travel writer in Berlin.

In this talk Charlie will share his journey and what he has learnt along the way. It will be a great opportunity for any student, no matter what sector you’re considering going into, to get an insight into life after graduation, and tips on how to carve out a career path.

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Student Stories from an Academic Perspective – 13 April

​This session will look at the stories of a number of MMU graduates, highlighting how your time at MMU is a starting point to whatever peak you wish to climb, no matter how high that mountain may appear!

This session is being delivered by Howard Hughes, Senior Lecturer in Clinical Human Genetics at MMU. He will reflect on the journeys and destinations of a number of his previous students, demonstrating how your time at MMU is a starting point to whatever peak you wish to climb, no matter how high that mountain may appear!

Howard has a BA in Science & Social Science from the Open University, which he undertook whilst working for the RAF. His second degree is a BSc in Genetics & Biochemistry, and he studied at postgraduate level at the Royal College of Pathology.

Whilst covering some of his own story and imparting what he learnt along the way, Howard will also focus on a number of his students who have gone on journeys of excellence since graduating from MMU. These stories are designed to be inspirational and motivational and are open to any student, no matter what your discipline or preferred destination. This talk should encourage you to think about your own journey, and will give you some really useful tips and advice to help you achieve your own success, even if you don’t know what you want to do yet (which most of us don’t)!

The following graduates will be covered:

Mr John Joe Reilly MRCS, trauma surgeon at Queen’s University hospital NHS Trust in Nottingham.

Dr Ritan Koria PhD, working for United Nations & based in Geneva, Switzerland

Ms Rina Koria BSc, Senior Procuerments Officer at HMC&R.

Dr Shadi Al-Baba PhD, Trainee Clinical Scientist at St James’s University hospital, Leeds.

Dr Emmanuel Ogunnowo-Bada PhD, after his PhD at Cambridge University he was awarded a post-doctoral position there.

Dr Alex Buckle PhD, currently a senior lecturer at University of Newcastle.

Click here to sign up for this talk!


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