Graduate Success Story – Ayma

Ayma and John

Ayma Haider – Graduate Profile

Degree: BA(HONS) Business Management

What is the name of your current course

I am currently studying MSc Business Analysis and Strategic Management at the University of Manchester.

How do you think Futures helped you to secure your place?

My involvement in Futures helped me illustrate commitment and the enthusiasm to constantly improve on myself in my personal statement.

What skills do you regularly implement on your course that you developed through Futures?

I attended various workshops and activities developing vital skills such as self-management, team-working, leadership skills and most importantly interpersonal skills. All these skills are a part of my everyday life as MSc student working towards a career in  business consultancy.

What advice would you give upcoming graduates?

My advice would be to develop your skills as much as you can. Academic achievement and degree is important, but what makes you stand out in a crowd of graduates is different and interesting things you did while you had the opportunity and how those experiences nurtured your personality.

Can you list some of your proudest achievements in jobs, voluntary roles or at university since MMU Futures?

  • In 2014, I worked part-time as MMU Futures Sustainability Co-ordinator for CELT after achieving my Gold Award and I ran a collaborative project with MMU Union and MMU Environment Team. This event originally started out as a small part of NUS Responsible Futures Campaign aiming to enhance knowledge sharing between departments and showcase the current works of staff and students related to sustainability. But I was given the opportunity to turn it into a bigger event! with more stakeholders and great ideas and the event falling in Climate Week, it became a Sustainability fair with different events happening together targeting a wider internal and external audience at the Students Union.
  • I am a part of the team participating in the Warwick Case Study Challenge 2016 representing UoM. It is very exciting to work on a global scale issue and compete with other universities.

Would you encourage students to take part in Futures, if so, why?

MMU Futures Schemes is a platform that allows you to try out new things and improve your skills in a safe environment and learn the ability to reflect. As an international student, I believe MMU Futures gave me the opportunity to settle in my new environment, meet new people, build my confidence and learn more about the academic and work culture in the UK. It allowed me to understand my skill set and what I need to improve. I was involved with MMU Futures even before introduction of awards just because the activities they offered were so interesting! I even got my first volunteer work and part-time role through the people I networked with in workshops!

Last but not the least, Employers like to hear about things like these and so I highly recommend it to students.

Well done Ayma and good luck for the future from the MMU Futures Team!

Here’s a video that Ayma featured in last year with MMU Futures!

It’s never too late to start earning points towards your MMU Futures Award! Click here to find out about our Summer Events Calendar where we will be running a host of activities after exams!


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