Spring has sprung with MMU Environment!


Spring into sustainability – grow your own!

Spring has sprung – trees are coming into leaf, the sun is starting to break through and it’s slowly getting warmer.  Now is the perfect time to get some pots on the windowsill and get growing!

My favourite thing to grow on my windowsill is herbs.  In supermarkets, herbs seem to always be packaged in plastic, taste bland, aren’t organic and are expensive.  Growing your own tastes so much better and you only cut off what you need, which means no wastage.

I sow my herbs from seed (just follow packet instructions) or you can buy small plants from garden centres if you prefer.  Use pots that have drainage holes in the bottom and are at least 15cm tall.

Here are my favourite 3 herbs to grow:

  1. Basil

Perfect for pasta, pizza and pesto.  Basil plants like sun and warmth, so if you have sunny windowsills then it will thrive.  Keep the plant watered, but don’t soak it- the soil should feel cool and slightly damp on the top.  Basil regrows its leaves, so it will last you a while!

  1. Coriander

Coriander is a great accompaniment to soups, salads and curries.  It is easily grown on a sunny windowsill, in a deep pot as it has long roots. Water regularly so the soil doesn’t dry out.

  1. Mint

Mint adds flavour to food and drinks, including cocktails. It grows well indoors, but needs its own pot as it can overtake other herbs.  Mint will grow best in indirect light- an east or west-facing windowsill is best.  Keep the plant well watered, so that the soil is always moist.

I hope this has inspired you to get growing! If you’re interested in getting involved in a variety of growing projects and opportunities on campus, get in touch!

For all upcoming events from the Environment Team, visit www.mmu.ac.uk/bigimpact/events

Or email us if you have any ideas or want to start your own growing project: bigimpact@mmu.ac.uk

Ailsa from the Environment Team

Twitter: @MMUEnvironment

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bigimpactmmu


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