Why you should have a LinkedIn profile!


LinkedIn is a social networking site, it is different from Facebook and Twitter because it is specifically aimed and designed for business professionals. So rather than it being about selfies and what you did last weekend it is more about what qualifications you have and what skills you can offer.

LinkedIn is a great tool to promote yourself professionally. Whether you are employed, looking for a job or just want to promote work that you have been doing, LinkedIn provides a great platform for all these aspects. It is now the world’s largest network of professionals with over 300 million members. Your university lecturers will probably have a profile and if you have a job outside of university, your boss will probably be on the network. Unlike Facebook, it is acceptable to add lecturers and university staff that you have worked with, and through LinkedIn they can recommend you or endorse some of your skills.

More than 3 million companies from all around the world have official LinkedIn Company Pages and they use their pages to advertise jobs and look for ideal candidates for positions within their company. Therefore, if you are looking for a job then LinkedIn is a pretty good network to have a profile. Furthermore, if your profile is detailed and up to date then you will definitely increase your chances of getting a job.


LinkedIn provides the opportunity for you to connect with industry professionals in your field and build network of individuals who share the same skills and interests. It is chance for you advertise everything you are good at and all the projects you have worked on for millions of companies to see. If you are a student, LinkedIn is social network you need to have a presence on!

Do you have LinkedIn? Are you thinking of starting a profile?

MMU’s careers service offers regular workshops on how to get the most out of LinkedIn, how develop your profile and how to increase the amount of connections you have. Book a place on a LinkedIn course here

MMU Futures also has its own group within LinkedIn, we post useful discussions through the group for you engage with and we can endorse your skills or recommend some of the work you have done. If you are involved in the MMU Futures Award or have previously please join our LinkedIn group


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