Student Profile: Malgorzata Szalega

2016 Futures Award winners


Name: Małgorzata Szałęga

Course: Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Did you complete any of the advanced skills workshops in your area?

As for Chemistry, I think Thermal Analysis workshop counts as the advanced skills workshop. As this was an introduction to basic and then advanced knowledge to thermal analysis, we got to prepare our own samples and find out plenty of applications as well as the meaning of the collected data. It is always good to learn something new.

Have you attended any of the interdisciplinary workshops this year?

I attended some of the leadership sessions that enhanced my self-confidence and leadership skills. ‘Fix it’ workshop was another great opportunity to meet students from various fields and work on providing solutions to global problems. Also, building sensors and programming them was something I have never tried before! I enjoyed all of the activities and was able to meet great people while learning something entirely new!

Which workshop would you recommend and why?

I would particularly recommend the Leadership Programme that includes a series of ‘lectures’, where you can learn a lot about psychology, manipulation (by media etc.), starting and growing your own business and getting a lot of motivation as well as the inspiration to step out of your comfort zone and achieve something amazing!

Has the Futures programme given you the confidence to try something that you may not have done before?

At the beginning I was just curious about Futures Activities and decided to give it a try. Luckily, it turned out to be a great journey with a lot of workshops and volunteering opportunities along the way! During Futures Week, for the first time I took up Russian, engineering workshops and many many more activites. Futures is just like a chain reaction, if you begin, you can’t stop yourself from coming back for more sessions.

Do you think that your confidence has grown by taking part in the Futures Award?

My confidence level has undoubtedly increased and I am really happy about it!

What do you think the benefits of taking part in the programme are for students from the Faculty of Science and Engineering?

In my opinion, time at the University is the best moment to invest in ourselves, try plenty of new things, serve the local community so that after graduation we can be proud of who we have become and how precious the skills are that we own. As there are so many different things planned by MMU Futures there is always something for everyone from the faculty of Science and Engineering (or any other faculty) to choose from.

Can you summarise Futures in one word or sentence?

Great investment in my future

Interested? Find out more about the Futures Award here!


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