From Manchester to Australia! Agota’s preparation to study abroad

Agota Juskaite, second year BSC (Hons) Digital media and communications student, decided to study abroad during her time at Manchester Metropolitan University. In the lead up to her departure, Agota has created a series of blog posts to explain the process of studying abroad, how she felt about leaving and why she chose to study abroad.

As global awareness is one of MMU Futures’ core values, we thought it would be great to see how Agota managed to secure her place on the exchange programme and also, to follow her journey as she explores what it means to be a global citizen.

We live in a world where people work and live in international settings, where the things we do and choices we make can have a worldwide impact. The MMU Futures Global Award therefore aims to give you the opportunities to develop your global skills, experience and knowledge whist at MMU. Through a mixture of language learning, volunteering with an international perspective, sustainability workshops, and personal reflection, you’ll gain a better understanding of cultural awareness and what it means to be a global citizen to help shape your own global future!

Here, you’ll find Agota’s journey to the start of her exchange programme and passes on some essential tips and information for any student who would like to study abroad!

How to apply


Getting accepted

Applying for a visa

Preparing to go – Global Awareness workshop


How I feel about going abroad with the exchange programme

For further information about studying abroad, please contact MMU International!


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