Help us to reshape the MMU Futures Award!

While we feel we offer an interesting and wide-ranging variety of activities through the MMU Futures Programme, the number of students who achieve the award is significantly low.  We therefore want to look at the current structure to consider:

  • Its suitability for our students
  • Whether it is achievable
  • What the barriers are to engagement

We’ll be looking at case studies of award structures at other universities to see if we can re-create the formula to better work in the interests of you, our students!

This is a fantastic opportunity to have your say about a University-wide initiative that directly affects you, and to help influence and initiate change within the institution.

We are looking for students who have:

  • Already engaged in MMU Futures and are working towards an award
  • Heard of MMU Futures but not taken part in any, or very few, events and are not planning on getting an award
  • Never heard of MMU Futures

Free pizza and refreshments provided (along with 2 bronze points)!

If you are interested please contact Helen Lord on indicating which of the 3 categories you fit into.


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