Student Profile: Emma Richards

Emma 2

Name: Emma Charlotte Richards

Course: BSc Geography (sandwich)

Have you attended any of the interdisciplinary workshops this year? If so, what skills did you gain?
I attended various sessions as part of the Leadership Project, run by the business department, achieving a certificate for completion. I gained many skills from the project such as how to communicate better with people, especially in terms of being able to influence others or a situation to achieve the best outcome. In addition to this, I have always struggled with remembering people’s names, an activity within the project taught me how to combat this.

Which workshop(s)/events would you recommend and why?
I would definitely recommend anyone taking part in Futures to attend a Carbon Literacy Workshop, not only do these sessions leave you feeling empowered to go out and make a positive change, but they also provide you with vital sustainability skills which are highly sought after by employers. If that isn’t enough to encourage people to attend, then you also receive an accredited certificate for completion of the course.

Has the Futures programme given you the confidence to try something that you may not have done before?
Without first starting Futures, I would never have gone on to take up volunteering roles whilst at university; some of which have given me experience in the sector I wish to work in, benefiting both myself and the wider community.

Do you think that your confidence has grown by taking part in the Futures Award?
I do think my confidence has grown since taking part in the award. The first session I attended was a Carbon Literacy Workshop, at this point I wasn’t very keen on public speaking; like most people. Following the session, the opportunity to train to deliver Carbon Literacy to other students arose. I got through the interview, then the training, and now deliver sessions regularly.

What do you think the benefits of taking part in the programme are for students from the Faculty of Science and Engineering?
There is a lot more to getting a job after uni than just a degree alone. Employers more than ever are looking at what other skills, activities and experience you have, to make you a more well-rounded person; better able to get along with co-workers and to think outside the box. The main benefit of taking part in Futures is that you get the opportunity to ‘add more strings to your bow’, so to speak. Whether that be from attending sessions that aren’t directly related to your course, to taking up a voluntary position, to attending careers workshops to have a better grasp of the graduate employment process. All of these things will benefit you in either gaining employment, or excelling once in a graduate role.

Can you summarise Futures in one word or sentence?
Futures improves career prospects.

Interested? Find out more about Futures here!


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