Student Profile: Samantha Pinnington

Samantha Pinnington.jpg

Name: Samantha Pinnington

Course: BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science

Why did you decide to take part in the Futures Award programme?

I had been completing external voluntary work to improve my social experiences and I thought that like the work that I have done outside of University, it could help to improve my confidence in social situations and to focus on abilities outside my comfort zone, whilst having the time to study.

Has the Futures Award programme given you the confidence to try something that you may not  have done before?

Yes. Most of the activities I attended were not what I would have considered relevant to my course but because of this I was able to find other activities that I could enjoy besides what I usually like to do or do well. I wouldn’t have found these other interests if I had not signed up to so many activities, all I had to do was turn up and my confidence in non-course related abilities improved.

Would you recommend the Futures Award to current students?

Yes. I would recommend the Futures Award to current students because I think it would have been a missed opportunity for myself if I hadn’t taken part when I did. It provides new personal challenges, ways to be charitable in some cases and something to gain outside your usual subject area for free.

Has the Futures Award programme helped you to prepare for your future career?

I feel that the Futures Award programme has helped when I think about what I have and have not enjoyed about University so far and these experiences each count as progression in my own personal development, which does impact on my future professional choices and options.

Can you summarise Futures in one word or sentence?





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