How to apply

by Agota Juskaite

How to apply

When I decided I wanted to use the opportunity to experience going abroad with an exchange programme, I started looking for ways to achieve my goal and apply for it.

Research is a very good tool to find out as much as possible about the goal you are trying to accomplish. In the beginning, it was very difficult to find any information online since I was new to the university system. Therefore, I decided to ask a few of my lecturers if they knew anything about studying abroad. Unfortunately, none of them knew a lot about the subject, but they suggested that I talk to the people at the Student Hub. When I spoke to them, they gave me the contact details of people I should be able to talk to. Since I studied a combined honours programme in my first year, they suggested that I contact both of the departments I studied in to get as much information as possible.

Attending events at University can also be very helpful to gain as much information as possible about studying abroad. When I went to a few of those events, I found out that there are many different opportunities to go abroad, including studying abroad with exchange programme for one semester or for the whole year as well as working abroad or even doing an internship over the summer. I was interested in studying abroad since I wanted to gain more knowledge in my studies from a different perspective.

In order to apply, I had to decide if I wanted to study in a country in Europe with an Erasmus or somewhere else with World Wide Exchange.


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