Sports Inclusive Community Training

Looking to work in sport development or event management? Well there’s a great opportunity coming up for you starting on the 16th of March…

MMU Sport have teamed up with Access Sport to bring to you a free, on campus workshop with Sports Coach UK. The workshop will cover how to adapt sports sessions to suite people with disabilities. This will be taking place on Monday 16th March, 6-9pm in the Birley Sports Hall. Attending this workshop will be rewarded with bronze points towards the MMU Futures Award.

Following this, you can go further on the course by attending a disability sport event on the morning of Saturday 21st March at Sugden Sport Centre. Local community clubs will be delivering the activities and there will be opportunities for those who attend the course to support delivery and put into practice the new skills they have acquired. Attending this event will be rewarded with silver points towards to MMU Futures Award. It is recommended you attend BOTH events to get the most out of this course.

 Since January 2014, over 715 parents, carers, support workers, healthcare professionals and volunteers have benefitted from the programme.


 “We see this training as the first basic step to coaching disabled people. It helps us to build the capacity of our workforce and so we are exploring how we can embed the training as part of our volunteers induction programme” – Stephen Pearson from OnSide Youth Zones.

See more information about the programme here and read up on some FAQ’s here.

So, if you’re looking for boost your CV and get in to sports development, event management, working with disabled people or any other sort of community based work, get yourself involved. Remember, the course is FREE and you can register for it right here.


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