Meet the MFL team for the Man Met University Challenge!


by Abi Strickley

Halls V Halls tomorrow, so shall we meet one of our competing teams? Yes!

This team is made of up four Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) PGCE’s (Post-graduation Certificate in Education); Jas Takhi, Jonathan Gander, Francesca Karakosta and Anna Smith.

They entered the university challenge because they “enjoy a good quiz” and one of the team members *cough Jonathan *cough has even run a quiz night at his local bar –impressive stuff– while Anna and her friends made it a “weekly event”.

This team are driven by a determination to prove “that you can have a life outside of the PGCE”, but mainly they are participating for the fun aspect!

This Team isn’t in halls but are representing MFL PGCE. The team states they haven’t done any preparation, per se, but some of the team are optimistic that having a school-based course “the environment has had a positive effect and made them more knowledgeable”, while others are confident that they will prepare for the upcoming quiz over the next few days.

When asked what they think are their team’s strongest topics, they feel that as a competing team their team strengths are that “we are all linguists, so hopefully worldly”, plus the team acquire a few born and bred Mancunians, so “knowledge of Manchester will be strong!”

So, are they in this to win this? I definitely get the impression they are going to be strong competitors, who are fairly confident they will triumph with Jonathan stating that, “I won’t cry if we don’t win, but I’ll smile if we do.”

Want to come along and cheer on the teams? There’ll be free pizza, mince pies and hot chocolate so get your FREE ticket here!


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