Graduate Success Story – Anshul

Vc and Anshul

Anshul Lau – Graduate Profile

Degree: MSc International Human Resource Management

Current role: Learning Technologist at Cambridge Univeristy

My job as a Learning Technologist at the Cambridge is awesome and I really love my job 🙂 Factually, everyday at work I am learning something new. I would say I am more of an artist instead of technologist as my role is to take academics out of their comfort zone and to help them to change the traditional teaching and learning paradigms by using technologies. As it involves a great art to mend someone’s mindset or convince them to bring a change in the way of their teaching even after 3 or 4 decades of experience.

Do you feel that MMU Futures prepared you for getting this role?

I feel that Futures Summer programme really helped me in attaining relevant employability skills for the job I am doing.

For any job these days employability skills such as communication skills, team-working, analytical and problem solving skills are vitally important for success in the current job market. I feel that Futures courses/ events provided me with the right exposure and knowledge to sharpen these skills which helped me in being a more confident and optimistic self. I did most of the courses offered by Futures (2 language courses, IT Envy to become a specialist in Microsoft office, Leadership programme with Royal Army, Careers workshops for CV and application tips, Peer Mentoring and few other courses etc…) and attained a Bronze certificate which was given by the VC of the Univ. I have got all my certificates from Futures courses/ events in my professional portfolio as an evidence for my engagement.

I was able to identify my personal preferences, strengths and skills. Learnt research strategies to anticipate the needs of employers and Futures workshop on CVs and application forms gave me the appropriate awareness that I was able to sell my unique qualities at any interview. I strongly feel that the interview advice I gained whilst on the course with Futures, and the assistance of the Careers Service, helped me to secure the job I am doing.

Would you recommend the Futures Skills Award programme to current students?

I think the Futures Skills Award is a great initiative by the univ to develop the key skills that employers are looking for. I feel every student should take this opportunity to do as many courses they can with the Futures programme. If you are in the process of choosing a career, then thinking about undertaking all Futures skills programme may be a good move and with the all the events/ courses with Futures students can experience and learn a lot. It’s all about making yourself more likely to be employed and about empowering yourself!

Any final thoughts?

I am grateful to Helen for giving me an opportunity to conduct a workshop for students with MMU Futures (Learning Technologies Workshop) while I was doing my internship at MMU (Technology Enhanced Learning Intern).


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