Graduate success story – Sophie


Sophie Jebb – Gold Award winner from MMU Cheshire


My current position: Academy Soccer Coach in America.

After completing the MMU Futures Award, what was your next venture? Since graduating in 2014, I had the opportunity to return to America: I have been working in numerous states in America. I have worked in Boston MA in a club coaching. Throughout June/July/August, I worked in a different state each week running summer camps across New England region. Then from September up until November I am in Rhode Island Cumberland working in a club running a recreational project with approximately 500 young people and 80 coaches each week.

My next steps after America is that from February 2016 I move back to Cheshire with my fiancé Ewan. I will be going to work in a nursery with a preschool alongside part-time coaching, then come October 2016 I will be returning back to MMU Cheshire to undertake my Masters by research in child/youth psychology.

Exiting times ahead! I’m thinking about going back to work for a youth organisation ran by NCS called The Challenge, during summer 2016 too, as I did this during summer 2014 and loved the experiences. As I’m going as bank staff at the nursery, which is fantastic as they help me as I help them! Then I can do part time work for the nursery and come back as an outreach ambassador and student ambassador at MMU Cheshire, whilst I do my Masters.

It’s been fantastic, and MMU Futures helped me to achieve the skills I needed to be so successful! I made sure to attend every course I could that was offered, with them being flexible with my lectures, paid work and voluntary hours I did.

How do you think Futures helped you gain this position? I always remember a course about time management and volunteering, both these courses stood out, and made me think practically about my future and to grab every opportunity possible. This is what I made sure I did throughout my 3 years at MMU Cheshire. All the hard work into the community, my degree and the university helped shape my experiences and myself as a motivated person.

What has been your proudest achievement since graduating? My proudest achievement was working in the local community, in working with a homeless shelter and setting this up from a 6 week project to a weekly movement. Which to this day is still running every Thursday! I can’t wait to get back to it when me and my fiancé are back in Crewe.

Would you encourage students to take part in Futures, if so, why? If it wasn’t for the opportunities MMU Futures had to offer, I wouldn’t have been able to further develop my skills and knowledge about the ‘real world’. A lot of students think they can leave education and walk straight into a job. It takes hard work, time into the community, time into developing yourself and time into investing the time to develop to where you want to be. My goal is to help others, and in doing that, you help yourself. MMU Futures helps this, and MMU Futures can lay the foundations to get you started!

Final thought: “So go for it students and trust me into investing the time! It will be worth it in the long run.”

It’s never too late to start earning points towards your MMU Futures Award! Click here to register to take part in the Award!


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