Fallowfield Secret Garden


The Fallowfield Secret Garden is a volunteer-led urban permaculture community project in South Manchester. Their aim is to create a beautiful space for the community to meet, eat, learn and play. Now in its third year, the project in 2015 is primarily aiming to get the garden fully landscaped and planted.  The task on the day would include; landscaping and garden design, woodworking and joinery, planting, pruning and weeding and recycling of salvaged materials.

fallowfield-wordleThe project vitally needs volunteers to give people the power to push this project all the way and have the garden ready for summer 2015. The project needs volunteers who can bring, or are interested in learning, skills in design, project management, wood working, construction and, of course, growing plants.

This is an opportunity to make a dramatic and visible difference to a project that is going to benefit local people for many years to come, and will become a hub for socialising, learning and skill-sharing.

FSG-photo-for-newsletter-July-133Attending this exciting event will be rewarded with 1 bronze point per hour towards the MMU Futures Award, with a maximum of 10. The project will take place at 86 Wilbraham Road on Thursday 23rd April from 10:00am till 4:30pm. Click here to register for the event. Remember, you must register to earn you MMU Futures Award points!

There will be a follow-up two-day event a few weeks after this date (tbc) which will allow volunteers to actively support the Fallowfield Secret Garden. The second event will be a great opportunity to develop leadership and planning skills as well as experience managing a project from start to finish.

For more information click here or email Sophie Picton on s.picton@mmu.ac.uk.


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