How to increase your earnings when you graduate – Professional Development Week!


by Neeki Armani 

During professional development week, lecturers you might never otherwise meet, teach you about things they are passionate about that will help you improve your employability. These aren’t like normal lectures, in fact, I just found out that many are volunteering to do this, so they are a lot more engaging than your average class, even if knowing you’re helping your future self wasn’t enough to make you pay attention!

One specific lecture I had was called “How to increase your earnings when you graduate”, and it was one of the most interesting of the lot. The speaker, David Roberts, who I had never encountered before, came in and got us all talking and helping each other out straight away. He didn’t so much tell us what to do, as encourage us to use our logic to figure out what kind of actions would be helping us get a promotion in a professional environment.

He began giving his experience, always asking for input from us, and backing up his points with examples from his life and videos online. The way he asked questions was unique and made you think, keeping us on our toes! Also the videos he showed us broke up the speaking a bit and gave us a break to let what he was saying sink in. During the talk we were given loads of resources and techniques to use and refer back to in future, and advice on how to use the resources we already have available, effectively.

Everything that we covered was put in a ‘real world’ context (from talking to people, to body language, to career choice) and we could easily see how it would be useful information when we were out being interviewed and on the job hunt.

We ended up with a good list of tips and ideas on what exactly we should remember to improve our chances of getting the widest networks and best paid job, and how to put them into practice (with little effort) as we go about our lives.

I left the talk feeling way more confident about how I was going to go about my graduate job hunt, and felt like I had a much clearer plan of how to make sure I go in the direction I want to.

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed when thinking about getting a job when you graduate, I would definitely attend this lecture, just to reduce the stress a bit as you find out its not actually as hard as you think.

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