Student Profile: Kevin Hainsworth


Name: Kevin Hainsworth

Course: BA (Hons) Human Resource Management with a placement year

Why did you decide to take part in the Futures Award programme?

My plan after I graduate is to develop my professional career within the Human Resources industry. Furthermore, as a mature student, I understand that I need to make the correct choices regarding my professional future whilst ensuring that I grasp every opportunity available throughout the university. With these factors resonating in my mind, the main reason that I decided to take part in the Futures Award programme was to boost my CV and enhance my employability.

Has the Futures Award programme given you the confidence to try something new?

Through the amount of voluntary work involved to obtain this award, I would answer yes. I completed a substantial amount of this award by being a part of a society. If I had chose not to participate in this award I would not have ended up being on a committee of a society or becoming chairperson of that society the following year. Being on a societal committee gave me the confidence to apply for the chairperson role which then gave me further opportunities to develop my skills. This cascading effect stemmed from my decision to complete the Futures Award based on voluntary work, which would ensure that I gained as much as possible through completing the award.

Would you recommend the Futures Award to other students?

I would easily recommend the Futures Award to other students. Other than enhancing your employability, it looks good on your CV and it gives you something to talk about during job interviews. This may increase your prospects of obtaining the job as it shows dedication, commitment and personal improvement to your prospective employer. Furthermore, you can develop your core skills whilst learning new ones and you can attend some very interesting and exciting workshops that are free.

Has the Futures Award programme helped you to prepare for your future career?

I believe that the Futures Award and the activities I have taken part in have enhanced my skills which are vital to my career progression. For example, within HR you need the ability to think on your feet and to problem-solve whilst being able to communicate and present in a clear and concise way. These skills have been boosted while I was chairperson of the society as I had to present ideas to people internal and external to the university. I also had to communicate with a wide range of people including my committee and external organisations. Equally, when problems occurred, especially during events, I had to quickly rectify and solve the problem whilst ensuring that there was minimal disruption to the event and all of the people who attended. These situations have elevated my skills and, because these skills are essential within HR, means that I will be a more employable graduate in the future.

Can you summarise Futures in one word or sentence?

Hard work but well worth it in the end.


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