Graduate success story – Wasim


Wasim Ahmed – Gold Award winner with Global Citizenship

Degree: BA (Hons) Geography/International Politics

What is the name of your current course?

I am a postgraduate student at the University of Bath, studying Wellbeing in Public Policy and International Development (MSc).

How do you think Futures helped you to gain your place?

I think Futures allowed me to reflect on my undergraduate experience and the next steps I wanted to take after graduating. I had the opportunity to engage in different careers and employability workshops, explore multiple activities, languages and industries, and to test my ideas and interests. It is important for people to sit back from the everyday mayhem of their engagements to assess where they stand and where they see themselves going. Being involved in initiatives like Futures influenced where I took my life after graduation.

What skills do you regularly implement in your course that you developed through Futures?

Interpersonal and networking skills are pivotal in most walks of life, and I continue to use these skills with all the things I’m involved in after Futures. I met many people across and beyond MMU through Futures activities. Communicating with people and developing relations with them is something you hope to develop and sustain over time if you are to progress in life.

After completing the MMU Futures Award, what was your next venture?

I completed my Futures with Global Citizens Award around the same time I graduated in Geography with International Politics (BA). I began working on a couple of academic publications, and prepared to enrol onto my current Postgraduate degree.

What advice would you give upcoming graduates?

I would advise graduates not to rush their decisions and to take time to examine and explore different opportunities. At the same time I would also advise them to bite the bullet and take a risk when an opportunity presents itself, to challenge themselves and go for what intrigues them most. Most of us have been on a continuous pathway from Nursery, and it is important to explore aspects of life beyond the lecture theatre, books and assessments! So yes, don’t be afraid to embrace your intuition.

Can you list some of your proudest achievements in jobs or voluntary roles since MMU Futures?

I am blessed to have achieved several things since completing MMU Futures and graduating. I have published academic literature and enhanced my skills and experience in pre-hospital care across the UK. I also completed my Mountain Leaders Award training which was not only an enthralling experience but will open up many exciting avenues that I look forward to exploring.

Would you encourage students to take part in Futures? If so, why?

I would always encourage students to undertake any initiative that enables them to experiment with and explore the world around them. I have always been a big advocate of discovery, whether it be of something across the other side of the world or on your doorstep. Going to University is seen as a bridge to adulthood by many, and Futures is an example of something that can make this experience more complete if you’re willing to dive in and become immersed

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