Graduate success story – Fatma


Fatma Rumash – Graduate Profile

Degree: Combined Hons in Economics/International Business

What is the name of your current course?

MSC International Business and Management in the Manchester Business School at the University of Manchester

How do you think Futures helped you to secure your place?

Many activities offered by MMU Futures have all contributed to building up my CV (e.g Competition, The Writing Project, Careers Workshops, Leadership training). I went from having a very average CV to one that was bursting with skills, activities and awards.

What skills do you regularly implement on your course that you developed through Futures?

I have been faced with an exceptional amount of teamwork in my masters course. The skills I learned from attending teamwork workshops as well as events which encouraged team working have greatly contributed to the success of my projects so far.

After completing the MMU Futures Award, what was your next venture?

I completed it in my final year. If I completed it earlier, I would have definitely gone for the Going Global Award.

What advice would you give upcoming graduates?

TAKE PART. You won’t regret it. It will be the highlight of your time at university. There is something for everyone.

Would you encourage students to take part in Futures, if so, why?

Yes!!! At the end of the day, It is there for your benefit. It will make your CV really stand out and you’ll have fun along the way.

It’s never too late to start earning points towards your MMU Futures Award! Click here to register to take part in the Award!

You can watch Fatma’s student story here!


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